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Covid-19 has turned all of our worlds upside down. As we push towards right-side-up and prepare for our versions of return to work, one critical group is being left behind: working parents whose schools won’t open full time, whose camps are cancelled, and whose budgets can’t stretch to bring on a full time caregiver.

It’s time to do something. That’s why we partnered with UrbanSitter to design a solution, built for today (and likely tomorrow) we want for ourselves: Cleo Care.

1 in 3 of our members reported they or their partner have left the workforce or gone part-time due to COVID-19 and challenges balancing work and caregiving responsibilities.

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Cleo Care is designed to be both flexible and bespoke

Support for parents with children aged 1 - 12 years

All parents and care providers will have access to Cleo’s expert, parent coaching. Each family gets access to Cleo’s mobile app with guided content, weekly programming, and specialist-led workshops, resources and more. Cleo also sends weekly age-appropriate “learn from home” curriculum and activities.

Access to trusted childcare with an UrbanSitter membership

From full-time nannies to last-minute childcare, parents can find the right care provider for their family. Caregiver profiles include a background check, reviews, special skills, certifications, and availability.

Optional add-on: Concierge Support for Vetted, Personalized Caregiver Matching

Member parents can receive support from Cleo in finding safe, vetted care providers from UrbanSitter’s network — helping families save time associated with finding and vetting care that matches their family's unique requirements.

Cleo Care powered by UrbanSitter will be available to U.S. employers to serve their working parent populations.

Why Cleo and UrbanSitter?

We’re working parents on a mission to help other working parents get through the biggest struggle we’ve had in our careers. Our product was born out of our own “child-fooding” and testing on what works and doesn’t for us, and we’re hoping it helps many more families begin to get some productive hours back, and more importantly, a lot more sleep and sanity. As part of Cleo Care, your access to UrbanSitter includes not just childcare. Members can discover and book companions for elderly, pet walking services and other services to help working parents and employees be their best at home and at work.

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How to get started?

We’re beginning pilots with large employers now but are open to designing a solution for you. If you’d like to learn more about Cleo Care, drop us a note here and we’ll follow up with you shortly. If you're an employee of a company - feel free to sign up too!

*We are continuing to evaluate best-in-class COVID-19 status solutions with the intention of integrating with the one that we think fits this use case the best. COVID-19 best practices are already integrated in UrbanSitter product.