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Families are essential in today’s workforce. So are family benefits:

  1. Family benefits improve health outcomes
  2. We reduce healthcare costs
  3. Cleo makes it easier to attract and retain talent

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A human decision with tangible results

  • 93%

    Cleo members are very likely to say they would stay with their company if they had another child

  • 92%
    Return to work
    on time

    The majority of Cleo members return to their original employer on time after parental leave

  • 30%

    Cleo helps members avoid unnecessary escalations to higher level care

  • 89
    Net promoter

    Our customer net promoter score rivals the best consumer brands

  • 27%
    Connect to mental
    wellness support

    Our specialized attention to mental wellness ensures members get connected to the support they need

  • 50%
    Transfer to high-performing hospitals

    Through our Best Birth Initiative, Cleo helps members transfer from low- to high-performing hospitals with lower cesarean rates

Cleo is the leading family benefits platform

Cleo’s family benefits platform is unique in the industry, empowering your clients to support their working parents with tools they’ve never had before. Cleo provides help with pregnancy, infant care, childcare, return to work, parenting from birth through the teen years, and adult care support. We sustain engagement with clients’ families because we’re trusted, comprehensive, and effective: 84% of users return to the platform at least once a month.

A single, personalized app with the care that families need

Your clients’ working families will love having everything they need in a single, easy-to-use app that is totally customized to their unique situation. The app is proactive, data-driven, and guides working families to the care they need through every step of their journey.

One-to-one relationships build trust and deliver results

Each of your clients’ families will have a Cleo Guide – a certified in-house practitioner – with whom they’ll build a trusted, one-to-one working relationship. Guidance to the right programs means health issues are dealt with earlier, giving clients more confident working parents and a more satisfied workforce.

Evidence-based programs work for working families

Cleo’s family benefit programs attract and work for your clients’ families because they are based on clinical evidence of need and effectiveness. With Cleo’s trusted guidance and industry-leading engagement, clients will see greater use of benefit programs across mental health, fertility, childcare and more.
Straus Family Creamery prides itself in offering employees outstanding benefits and investing in their wellness. Cleo helps us meet these goals with their innovative app that gives parents the support and resources they need for their families.
Albert Straus, Founder & CEO, Straus Family Creamery testimonial company logo
Our support from Cleo was critical to helping us through the challenging (but amazing) first year as new parents.
Parent testimonial company logo

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