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Noam is an innovative and strategic marketing executive with a formidable track record of building successful companies, and over a dozen years of experience leading high-performing, international teams through hypergrowth. Prior to joining Cleo as CMO, he served as enSilo’s VP Marketing, driving growth 300% YoY, leading to its acquisition by cyber security giant, Fortinet. His experience heading digital marketing innovation for Nanotechnology giant, Landa Corporation, won him international recognition and awards as a global marketeer and hypergrowth specialist. As CEO of Playpen Hub, his entrepreneurial vision and executive expertise proved his skills as a committed and creative leader in designing disruptive solutions, planning for the road ahead, and finding the endurance to stay the course. Noam is an expert at acquiring, retaining, and monetizing customers and revenue streams. He holds patents in augmented and virtual reality and serves as a member of the CMO Council and the Forbes Communications Council. He is a true nature lover who enjoys hiking and traveling the world.