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Why leading employers partner with Cleo around the globe
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Cleo Family Support Platform
  • Strengthen Your Employer Brand
    Standard-setting workplace support for families that define company cultures
  • Improve Population Health
    Decrease claims costs across perinatal care, maternity, pediatrics, mental health, and more
  • Drive Workforce Performance
    Leave and return-to-work programs that support work performance, absentee and presenteeism, productivity, and engagement
A few of our happy customers
“Uber supports and welcomes employees in every stage of life. From 18-week leave for all new parents with no differentiation between primary and secondary caregivers, to adoption support, or partnering with Cleo and their incredible family-support system, we are building a diverse and inclusive workplace where all caregivers feel truly supported.”
Katelin Holloway, VP People, Reddit
“Cleo helps us provide for our new parents in ways we couldn’t before. It’s not enough to simply offer parental leave; every child and family is different and has independent needs. By partnering with Cleo, our families feel cared for and supported through this exciting — and oftentimes challenging — phase of their lives.”
Katelin Holloway, VP People, Reddit