5 ways Cleo personalizes care for members

No two parents are exactly the same. That’s why Cleo offers personalized support tailored to each family’s individual needs.

All families are unique, and the support they need varies widely based on their individual circumstances, cultures, and make-up. No single approach will work for all families; what families need is personalized, tailored care that addresses all aspects of their unique wellbeing.

We know that care is most relevant when it is personalized and personal—we make it our mission to provide the individualized care and support each individual family needs to thrive.

Our proactive care model is inherently personalized through the close, individual relationships Cleo Guides have with members, through our commitment to building and fostering community support within our platform, and our programmatic approach to managing acute conditions.

  • Personal relationships with Cleo Guides. Cleo Guides get to know the families they support as people first. That allows them to understand what’s ‘normal’ for each family, and gives the Guides the ability to quickly detect when challenges start to creep in. Because Guides are there for moments big and small, they see things that clinicians often miss, or parents don’t think to bring to a physician.
  • Creating community support. In February we launched Cleo Connect, virtual support groups for parents with similar lived experiences and identities led by a Cleo Guide. Members are paired with the Cleo Connect group that aligns with their journey. Connect groups focus on different topics including preconception health, navigating infertility, prenatal education and support, postpartum healing, newborn care, mental wellness, and BIPOC parenting. Groups for dads, navigating surrogacy, adoption, and all paths to parenthood will be available to members soon.
  • Clinician-designed programs tailored to specific family needs. Our individual coaching model extends to clinician-designed programs that provide members with holistic, whole family support. Programs cover a wide range of topics, from birth planning and mental health to return to work management and career coaching. These programs are designed by experts and clinicians to deliver tangible outcomes for families, and are provided in a one-on-one setting by expert specialists. Members get the personalized care they need, across a range of specific challenges they may be facing.

When families are facing difficulties, they rarely have the mental and emotional bandwidth to actively research for ways to find the support they need. That is why we surface our original, expert written content to member families, timed for key milestones and stages of their journey. Cleo produces and publishes hundreds of original pieces of content per month, written by our expert Guides and Specialists. Our content is focused on specific topics and parts of the parenting journey and is surfaced to members at the exact moment it is relevant for them.

  • Hyper-relevant, timely tips for all. We’ve recently updated our app to surface Tips and content related to the week-by-week changes families experience. Pregnant Cleo Baby members receive tips specific to their gestational age, while Baby and Kids members receive content tailored for their child’s age—down to the week. Tips cover a wide range of topics—infant feeding, sleep training, planning family leave with an employer, and preparing emotionally for a new addition to the family to name a few. By surfacing relevant, top-of-mind content for families that’s hyper-focused on their specific stage of life, we deepen our support for members and their families in all areas of work, family, and life.
  • Context is everything. We know that parenting doesn’t exist in a vacuum. News and current events, holidays—even daylight savings time—all have major impacts on the health and wellbeing of the families we support. Now the Cleo app highlights timely content, written by Cleo Guides and Specialists, that is in context with greater global events.

We at Cleo know that the personalization in our care model leads to better outcomes and improved whole-family wellness. Our focus will continue to be on creating more ways to provide the individual support systems families of all types need to thrive, at every stage, at work and at home.