Announcing Cleo Marketplace

Helping companies support working parents through COVID-19 and beyond

Working parents have always been a vulnerable employee population and COVID-19 has only increased the pressure they face. There’s no question employers are aware of these pain points and looking for new ways to provide support and relief. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to find and roll out solutions meeting the nuanced, diverse needs of each family among a sea of new and existing support and services available.

Since 2016, Cleo has helped leading global employers take care of the families in their workforces. Cleo combines an app for parents that includes coaching, content, and community with a global network of certified experts to guide families through their journey into parenthood and back to work again. Cleo families are happier, healthier, and more engaged as they balance their roles at home and work, supported by proactive, expert guidance for every stage. Now more than ever, employers are turning to us as a partner as they seek family-friendly benefits. In May we announced Cleo Care (a partnership with UrbanSitter) to support parents in need of childcare.

Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of Cleo Marketplace, an expanded ecosystem of vetted partners that offers employers a single platform to provide meaningful support services to their working parents. This brings us one step closer toward our vision of being a complete platform for benefits leaders seeking a holistic support system for working parents. As we look to the future of a post-pandemic workplace, we expect parent support benefits to be the rule, not the exception.

What is Cleo Marketplace?

Cleo Marketplace is a holistic platform for HR benefits leaders looking for benefits and support for working families. Our ecosystem includes vetted partners focused on addressing the current childcare and education crisis due to COVID-19, plus additional services related to family planning and parenting. With a variety of support services to meet every family’s needs, Cleo Marketplace caters to a diverse set of parents of children ages 0 to 17 years old.

Our marketplace consists of three parts:

The Cleo Family Support Platform: To access Marketplace, employees must be enrolled in Cleo’s core programs–Baby and Kids. As part of the Cleo Baby and Cleo Kids programs, Cleo members already get personalized support and guidance across topics related to health, parenting, and career. This includes coaching from experts around pregnancy, preparing for birth and parental leave, mental health, return to work, infant care, early childhood development, and more.

Ecosystem of Vetted Partners: In addition to the support members already receive, Cleo Marketplace connects families to an even broader ecosystem of services to meet their needs. Parents can book the services they need when they need them, including caregiving, in-person and virtual education and tutoring, and more directly from Cleo’s partners. Partners also include fertility testing, prenatal vitamins, and breast milk shipping. Our ecosystem of partners will continue to evolve to meet the various needs of working parents now and in the future. If you’re interested in joining our ecosystem, submit your information here.

Parents can access partner services through the Cleo app, or by contacting a member of Cleo’s parent support team.

The Cleo Card: Employers can help subsidize the cost of additional benefits for families with the Cleo Card. If added, parents can use the Cleo Card to pay for part or all of any services offered in the Cleo Marketplace. All Cleo Marketplace partners accept the Cleo Card.

How to Get Cleo Marketplace for Your Employees:

At launch Cleo Marketplace will have limited availability, with increased capacity being rolled out to more Cleo customers in phases. We understand that working parents need our support now more than ever, and that having the right support systems in place makes a huge difference.

From selecting the right partner, to supporting parents in navigating the ecosystem, to ensuring a simple payments flow, and providing personalized support and coaching, Cleo and the Cleo Marketplace are a holistic solution to support working parents thrive at work and at home – not just through times of crisis, but indefinitely. We can’t wait to bring more families into our ecosystem of support!

Wishing you good health!

Team Cleo