Family benefits with an ROI: Intro to Cleo Webinar

Working parents need more support than ever before — and leading employers are adapting rapidly with new benefit offerings to retain, attract, and support their hard-hit parent populations. Please join us Thursday, July 30th at 11 AM PDT

Cleo’s family support platform supports over 100 employers and their global parent communities with personalized, proactive, and high-impact programs. With Cleo, companies avoid losing highly skilled employees to the “parent trap” while controlling rising healthcare costs and risks. The result is a thriving, confident parent population and a healthier bottom line.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How parents are impacted and what employers can expect around mental health, childcare demands, and retention for working parents
  • Why more employers are turning to family benefits to support parent populations
  • Cleo’s impact on employer clients
  • How our platform integrates with your existing family and childcare benefits
  • What’s on Cleo’s roadmap for 2021

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