Member Spotlight: Courtney, Ben, and Baby Theo

Courtney has worked at eBay for almost 2.5 years on the Strategy and Operations team. Her husband, Ben, is a member of the Australian Air Force and neither of them has family locally. Courtney was beyond excited for their first child but also knew that with no family support in Australia, it wasn’t going to be easy.

“I remember one of my colleagues using Cleo during her baby’s first year and when I attended our HR showcase, Cleo was one of the tools on display. I was about 13 weeks pregnant when I joined and met my Cleo Guide. During our first conversation, I told my guide that I wanted to be very prepared for my birth.”

Birth Planning and Preparation

As a first-time mom, Courtney wanted to be prepared for some of the challenges new mothers can encounter. For example, she had seen her girlfriends struggle with lactation and she knew it could be challenging, but she wanted to be successful.

“One of the first topics I discussed with my guide was lactation. We discussed the process, the challenges, and how to be successful. Lactation continued to be a topic throughout my entire pregnancy and by the time Theo was born, I was prepared as I could be for him to latch and begin our journey.”

Working As A Team

Leading up to Theo’s birth, Courtney would chat with her guide every other week and constantly consume the content she received from Cleo. Courtney would share the content with her husband and they would regularly discuss his role and what to expect when the baby was born.

“The relationship I built with my Cleo Guide is very strong. Most of the time I chat with my guide 1:1, then I discuss what I learned with my husband and where I need his support. One time I had my husband join a call with our Cleo Guide to discuss what to expect when the baby was born and how to manage expectations during the first year.”

Baby Theo Arrives

Courtney completed a two-hour 1:1 class with her Cleo Guide before Theo’s arrival and she was prepared for everything ranging from topics on induction through lactation. Once Baby Theo arrived, Courtney realized she had so many more questions and her anxiety was starting to increase.

“During the first few weeks home with Theo, my interactions with my guide increased in frequency. My guide has been amazing when it comes to the challenges of sleep. I tried to implement a regimented schedule and it wasn’t working. My guide talked me through a few different sleep philosophies for babies and was able to personalize recommendations based on how well she knew me and my situation. The support of the guide is tremendous.”

Return To Work

Baby Theo is only 3-months old and Courtney has plenty of time before she needs to think about her return to work. In Australia, employees have one year to be at home and bond with their baby. Courtney has plans to chat with her guide when the time is right to think about her transition back to work. For now, their conversations will focus on Baby Theo’s development and Courtney’s health and wellness.

Cleo’s family benefits platform is an employer-sponsored benefit that combines one-on-one guide engagement, evidence-based programs, and a personalized app experience to serve the needs of families like Courtney and Ben. Want Cleo at your company? Let us know.