The Latest Services and Resources to Help Cleo Members Navigate COVID-19

Every day as we work through our unique situations, Cleo is thinking of new ways to help everyone who is impacted by COVID-19. We have always built our product based on what our users and customers need. This time is no different.

At Cleo, we have a responsibility to our customers and members to provide them with the best support possible during this time of uncertainty. Anxious expecting parents and stressed working parents are facing challenges unlike any they’ve seen before — navigating through changing birth plans, dealing with canceled childbirth prep and lactation classes, working from home with young children, and caring for loved ones — to name a few. Providing our members with dedicated 1:1 Cleo Family Guide support, evidence-based guidance, and a personalized digital content and care experience have always been important, but are absolutely vital now in this unprecedented situation that is changing rapidly.

In the past few weeks, there has been a dramatic uptick in the number of questions that Cleo members are asking our guides; in fact, call volume has increased 10x. Even with increased demand, Cleo continues to robustly care for its members all while making valuable COVID-19 resources available to the public at

We’ve also rolled out a number of new services and resources, highlighted below, to engage and support expecting parents, parents with newborns, parents with young children, and organizational leaders — with more to come soon. It’s our hope that no family or organization will feel like they’re in this alone.

COVID-19 Resource Center

Our expert team, including co-founder and Chief Medical Officer, Chitra Akileswaran M.D., MBA, board-certified OBGYNs, nurse midwives, pediatric psychologists, prenatal and postpartum doulas, and career coaches, have identified specific recommendations and evolving best practices as data is available, and we are tailoring our response to provide actionable support for Cleo’s member base, as well as the general public.

These recommendations and best practices are organized as a dedicated COVID-19 resource center. All of this information is currently free and available to Cleo members and non-members.


Cleo Live Q&A – Ask an Expert Series

Beyond the dedicated resource center, we’ve extended our guidance and support by making our popular expert-led, Cleo Live video Q&A sessions available to every family, manager or HR leader here in the United States and Internationally — free of charge. Each Cleo Live Q&A session is led by a Cleo expert. The weekly sessions provide resources and insights, and also include an open Q&A to ensure the most pressing questions are answered immediately.

Real-Time Member Access to COVID-19 Information In-App

For our member families, Cleo has launched COVID-19-specific content within its app and updates it daily with the latest evidence-based resources and information— answering top questions and addressing concerns from our member community.


The in-app content provides insights for all families, including people trying to get pregnant, expecting parents, parents of newborns, families with young children and managers who are now supervising teams remotely. Members across the globe in 55 countries receive fresh, dynamic content in real-time based on the most up-to-date information from the CDC, medical professional organizations and Cleo’s healthcare partners.

For our members who are organizational leaders, COVID-19-specific content will soon be surfaced within the app to provide practical tips and best practices on how to support their remote workforce, and their most vulnerable, yet valuable, parent population.

In the next few weeks, our members can expect to receive even more personalization with tips automatically surfaced to them to deliver a more engaging, relevant and helpful digital experience. More on this soon.

Virtual Prenatal and Postpartum Classes to Fill the Healthcare Gap

In response to the closure of community-based in-person breastfeeding and childbirth prep classes, Cleo has launched virtual group classes for any of our expectant parents and parents of newborns, designed to replicate the in-person experience.

All members already have access to our core offerings of mental health support and postpartum Cleo Family Guide check-ins. Additionally, members can message their dedicated guides 24/7 to help get answers to their questions whenever they want.

Accelerated Access to the Cleo Family Benefit

Finally, we’re extending our support to the broader ecosystem by offering accelerated access to the Cleo family benefit to help companies reduce time to implementation, which enables immediate support to their vulnerable parent populations. For more information about this accelerated benefit offering,complete this form, and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Every day as we work through our unique situations, Cleo is thinking of new ways to help everyone who is impacted by COVID-19. We have always built our product based on what our users and customers need. This time is no different, even in the thick of this uncertain period; if you have ideas on how we can better serve you now or in the months to come, please email me at [email protected]. Take care and stay well.

Cleo aims to give the most accurate information about COVID-19, but details and recommendations about this pandemic may have changed since this story was published. For the latest information, please check out resources from the WHO, CDC, and local public health departments.