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Your Solution to Supporting Working Parents
Cleo is a family support system that helps your employees navigate the joys and the journey of parenthood.
Modern Support for Global and Growing Companies
Cleo’s worldwide network of practitioners supports families in 50+ countries through their lifecycle.
Preconception and Fertility
Egg Freezing
Emotional Support
From Bump to Baby to Return to Work
Prenatal and Birth Prep
Newborn Parenting
Infant Parenting
Support for Parents with Kids 1-5
Childcare and School
Development Milestones
Sibling Dynamics
Return-to-Work Coaching
Breastmilk Shipping
Support for Managers with Parents On Their Teams
Leave Planning
Critical Conversations
The Welcome Back
Bias Training
Diverse Families
Why Employers are Choosing Cleo
Cleo is your strategic partner in powering your people and culture transformation.
We Support Your Global Workforce
Cleo supports employees in 50+ countries with providers across 20 specialties
Industry-Leading Utilization
90% of families enrolled in Cleo engage month-over-month
We Deliver Outcomes
Cleo outperforms national averages on c-section rates, pre-term births, parents who meet their breastfeeding goals, and women who return to work
Support For All Families
Cleo supports moms, dads and partners through birth, adoption and surrogacy
Simple Implementation
Cleo rolls out globally within a week. We integrate with your leave administrator and other benefits, and provide all the materials and support needed for a successful launch
What HR Leaders are Saying About Cleo
"Cleo is the missing piece that our new parents need and want, something that employers aren't well positioned to create. At BPM, the biggest endorsement of Cleo comes from our employees who recommend Cleo to each other. They have helped our parents feel more confident in asking for what they need when they return, creating a culture of sensitivity to working parents."
Lisa DiGisi, Benefits & Wellness Specialist
"The ROI on Cleo is real. If I can get a female engineer to return to work because of the benefits Cleo provides, that costs me far less than having to replace her."
Lissa Minkin, VP People
“Cleo helps us provide for our new parents in ways we couldn’t before. It’s not enough to simply offer parental leave; every child and family is different and has independent needs. By partnering with Cleo, our families feel cared for and supported through this exciting — and oftentimes challenging — phase of their lives”
Katelin Holloway, VP People
Raising a family is a journey, not a one-off appointment
Cleo is a benefit that your employees trust and love

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