For your working families, the time is now

Cleo’s clinician-designed family support programs show your commitment to helping working parents and caregivers and delivering improved health outcomes and savings, which are essential for an engaged, loyal, and diverse workforce.

Cleo guides your working families every step of the way from the early planning stages through welcoming and parenting a child through their teens years in addition to caring for an aging parent or other adult.

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Companies trust Cleo to care for their working families

With Cleo, good business outcomes, great human outcomes

Caregivers are essential to business success—nearly 3 in 4 workers actively care for someone else. By helping them navigate family as well as their careers, Cleo improves outcomes, reduces employer costs, and makes employees happier, more confident, and more engaged.

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47% lower cesarean birth rates

Cesarean births are high risk, costly to employers, and often avoidable. 13.9% of Cleo members have low-risk cesarean births versus the national average of 26%.

40% decrease in perinatal mood and anxiety disorders

Mental health challenges during and after pregnancy are on the rise. Cleo proactively screens members for symptoms of mental health disorders, intervenes, and provides the ongoing support necessary for them to improve.

92% of Cleo parents return to work

Nationally, only 60% of parents return to work after parental leave. Cleo helps parents plan for leave and their return to work so they can make a successful transition back and you can retain your top talent.

A holistic, proactive family benefits platform

Cleo’s expert Guides and evidence-based programs work together to provide whole-family career, health, and caregiving support. Cleo proactively identifies risk factors, intervenes early, and provides the ongoing, personalized support necessary for more positive outcomes. A single app makes it all easy for busy families.

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Proactive 1-on-1 coaching with experts

Each family is paired with a trained Cleo Guide for their entire journey who proactively reaches out to offer support and build a valued, trusting relationship. Guides are certified health, parenting, career, and adult care experts who help members every step of the way, for moments big & small.

Members also have access to the broad network of Cleo Specialists who provide as-needed support with everything from breastfeeding to mental wellness sessions.

Personalized support

“My Guide prepared me for my unique situation as a single guy with a surrogate, which helped relieve some of the stress and anxiety I was experiencing.”

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Network of certified experts

“The breastfeeding and chestfeeding session was incredible and much more helpful than what the hospital provided. I finally feel some hope.”

Cleo Baby member
Working parents with toddler
There when it counts

“During a routine check in to talk about swaddling, I learned a new mom had stopped taking her antidepressant. We identified why and created an ongoing support plan.”

Michelle, cleo guide

Clinician-designed programs that drive outcomes

Cleo’s programs are designed by a team of clinicians and experts to create impact and improve outcomes at every stage and phase of caregiving. By design, Cleo is inclusive of all family backgrounds, types, and their unique paths.

Screening, risk intervention, and continual support programs are built into the Cleo experience to mitigate the most common drivers of health costs and burnout.

Measurable outcomes

Cleo members’ preterm birth rate is 22% lower than the national average thanks to proactive care and planning during pregnancy.

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Proactive risk identification

“Through Best Birth I found out the hospital where I planned to give birth had unusually high cesarean birth rates. My Guide helped me find a better facility.”

Cleo Baby member
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Inclusive care

“I wanted someone to connect with culturally and who grew up with similar traditions. It allowed me to grow in so many ways and it led me to have a healthy pregnancy.”

Sade, Cleo member
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Personalized family benefits hub

The Cleo app is personalized for every member based on their needs. Members get access to 1-on-1 coaching, group sessions, live trainings, and tailored content.

We bring all of your existing family benefits together in one place so employees can see and use them more easily, increasing utilization across your entire benefits program. With Cleo Marketplace, give your employees even more support with access to our vetted ecosystem of partners offering childcare, fertility, education, nutrition services and more.

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“Being able to access all the family benefits my company offers in one place had made it so much easier to find and use what I need—I didn’t even know we had a mental health benefit.”

Cleo Kids member
Employer cost savings

“My Guide helped me figure out the best way to use my company’s fertility benefit so I wasn’t doing any more rounds of treatment than I needed to.”

Cleo Considering member
Cleo Marketplace

“It’s so valuable to be able to directly connect members with additional services like childcare and educational enrichment programs so they can get the support they need quickly.”

Stephanie, cleo guide
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The case for family benefits is clear

Read more about the challenges working families are facing


of working parents experience burnout

Working parents are at particular risk of burnout. This can jeopardize their well-being, as well as performance, retention, and office morale.


of healthcare spending covers 5% of the workforce

20% of healthcare spending goes to new mothers and kids. Yet new moms make up only about 5% of a workforce. Avoidable, high-cost interventions are often the cause.


of caregivers say productivity suffers

When a caregiver’s professional productivity is derailed, it can negatively impact coworkers, supervisors, and an office’s overall performance.

“Cleo is an immensely valuable program. When folks know about it and connect with it, they use it and love it. To be able to support one of the most important events in a parent’s life in such a significant way is so powerful. What a special place to build that bond. We’re hearing this feedback from employees too. That is what is really exciting about our partnership with Cleo.”

“We want to be an organization where people can have families. We don’t want to end up with only men, only young people, and only single people—not only will our business results suffer, but no one I know wants to work at a company like that.”

“We recognized that to provide the personalized and flexible support that our parents needed, we’d have to find a unique benefits partner. Cleo provides a wide range of support in one platform. Cleo’s not just a resource, our employees have someone they can talk to.”