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February 26
12 reasons why benefits leaders shouldn’t wait to bring in caregiving support benefits

As caregivers increase in both number and recognition, bringing benefits in to help them supports both employees and the employer.

Case Study
December 6
A snapshot of caregiver population health: Introducing the first-ever Family Health Index quarterly report

Download your copy to better understand the health risks of parents and caregivers in today’s workforce.

November 29
The essential family benefits checklist for the finance industry

What you need to know before you select your parenting and caregiving benefits provider.

November 6
Combining AI-powered analysis with the magic of the Cleo Guide

Cleo’s new generative AI, Cleo Assist, allows Cleo’s human Guides to spend even more time on their 1:1 relationships with our parenting and caregiving members.

October 12
How to discuss difficult world events with your child

Whether it’s human violence or natural disaster, your child likely has some idea that something is going on. Learn how to support them through it.

October 10
How Cleo supports Teen parents—and the data that shows they need it most

New data from Cleo’s Family Health Index—a measure of seven dimensions of family health that enables early, targeted interventions—shows that parents of older children and teenagers are struggling the most.

September 19
Cleo launches partnership with PlanSource

There are now even more ways to provide parenting and caregiving support to your employees.