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May 22
How Cleo’s app navigation redesign puts the caregiver front and center

Introducing a new look and feel for the Cleo app — letting Cleo members find the comprehensive support they need faster, in order to care for their entire family.

May 16
The “Curb-Cut Effect” — and what it has to do with caregivers in your workplace

The urbanist concept of the “Curb-Cut Effect” provides a handy analogy for how businesses should think about supporting caregivers.

April 23
Introducing Cancer Care with Cleo

Support is integral to employee wellness during difficult health journeys, and cancer is one of the most challenging. Cancer care itself can be complex and unpredictable, and treatments take a physical and emotional toll on patients and their families alike.

April 22
10 questions to ask while assessing family benefits for your organization

For an organization looking to add benefits, consolidate them, or replace a current benefits vendor, it can be a harrowing process to wade through all of the options.

March 21
Introducing dedicated Self-Care at Cleo—regardless of whether you’re a caregiver

Now, all employees of a Cleo customer will have access to Self-Care, regardless of whether they are caring for others, or just themselves.

Introducing Cleo’s smart recommendations for benefits navigation

Now, with Cleo’s smart benefits recommendations, members are automatically connected to the most relevant benefits based on their needs—right as they open their Cleo app.

March 19
Cleo has been named a Fast Company Most Innovative Company 🏆

“This company wants to support every sort of caregiver”: Cleo’s approach to end-to-end employee mental health is one of the most innovative.

Balancing acts: Navigating burnout, caregiving, and total well-being [WEBINAR REPLAY]

Watch this free replay of Cleo’s webinar with a national strategy leader at Mercer on how employers should think about wellbeing.

March 13
How Cleo defines “family” — and why it matters

Different individuals define “family” differently. Cleo is here to support you and those close to you, however you define it.