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Cleo is reimagining support for today’s working parents.

Cleo's app pairs intelligent personalization technology with a global network of certified care practitioners to guide parents on their journey from considering, to pregnancy, to parenthood, and back to work again.

Women who leave the workforce permanently within 3 months of the baby being born 0

Men who say they've passed up work opportunities, switched jobs or quit to tend to their kids 0

Women who say that being a working parent has made it more difficult to advance their career 0

Men who say that balancing work and family life is very or somewhat difficult 0

Personalized care for a very personal time.

Cleo is intelligent support. Our tech-enabled service predicts and creates individual plans tailored to each family's specific needs. The plan, which covers pregnancy through baby's first year, is responsive and customizable — evolving with each user over time.

Cleo for employers
Cleo for moms and dads
percentage of highly-qualified women with children who leave the workforce
there is a birth every 8 seconds
women will drop out of the workforce in the next hour
life income loss per woman when she leaves the workforce

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