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Cleo raises $27.5M Series B to continue global expansion and support fertility and parenting toddlers
Modern Support for Today's Working Parents
From considering through the toddler years, our family support system has your back.
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The Cleo Experience
We Guide You Every Step of the Way
Raising a family is a journey, not a one off appointment.
Dedicated Care Team
Your care team is led by a Cleo Guide, a certified practitioner dedicated to you and your family. Available anytime, anywhere, and with you throughout your entire journey.
Personalized Roadmap
Navigate your journey with step-by-step lessons developed by world-renowned parenting experts that are rich in coaching and actionable insights.
Employer Benefits
Attract and Retain Top Talent
Empower Your Employees
Support Your Global Workforce
Foster a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace
Reduce Health Costs
Family Benefits
Personalized Parenting Advice
Adoption and Surrogacy
Return-to-Work Coaching
Care Done Differently
A proactive approach to health and wellness that is simple, convenient, and compassionate for your employees and their families.
Global, Wherever You Are
Cleo supports parents globally in 50+ countries with local language support in select geographies.
Complementary to Your Doctor
We support you beyond your telehealth or in-network health system. From sleep training to career coaching to marriage & family therapy, we compliment your existing medical support.
We Give You Your Time Back
We do the vetting, scheduling, and coaching, and you do the learning. We make appointments simple through video chat and messaging. We even do in-home visits for challenging times.
For Everyone-Moms, Dads, Parents...
We guide you on your journey to parenthood whichever path you take to get there – adoption, surrogacy, same-sex parenting, etc...
How We Support Families
Our Happy Customers and Families
"Cleo has sent a strong message to all of our employees that we support their families. It’s helped new parents ease the transition back to work and brought Planet to the forefront of family-friendly practices."
Cara Allamano, VP of People
"With Cleo, we were able to be more independent, more confident, and we actually got to enjoy this process of being new parents instead of stressing out. Cleo took the level of support I thought I would be getting from my doctor and my pediatrician, and multiplied it by 10."
“Cleo helps us provide for our new parents in ways we couldn’t before. It’s not enough to simply offer parental leave; every child and family is different and has independent needs. By partnering with Cleo, our families feel cared for and supported through this exciting — and oftentimes challenging — phase of their lives”
Katelin Holloway, VP People
“As we struggled through life as first-time parents, the Cleo team was always there to answer our questions, no matter how small - from lactation questions to sleep struggles to even just that reassurance-seeking ‘Am I doing this right?’ The Cleo team also seemed like they genuinely cared!... We loved Cleo!”
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