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From family planning to caring for an aging parent and everything in between, Cleo provides the personalized family support parents and caregivers need to address and get ahead of challenges both big and small.

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Parenting and caregiving support through every stage and phase of life

From planning to baby’s 1st birthday

  • Planning for pregnancy
  • Fertility, adoption & surrogacy
  • Supporting a healthy pregnancy
  • Lactation, infant feeding & sleep
  • NICU & other high-risk infant support
  • Postpartum healing & mental health
  • Parent & caregiver self care
  • Menopause support and guidance

For parents of kids ages 1-12

  • Developmental milestones
  • Neurodivergence screening & navigation
  • Education & playtime activities
  • Support for special health care needs
  • Nutrition & healthy eating habits
  • Matching child care needs with solutions
  • Parent & caregiver self care
  • Menopause support and guidance

For parents of kids ages 13-18

  • Emotional support & mental health
  • Teens with special health care needs
  • Positive parenting & family dynamics
  • Navigating peer pressure & bullying
  • Fostering a positive body image
  • College & future planning
  • Parent & caregiver self care
  • Menopause support and guidance

For caregivers of an adult loved one

  • Healthy aging & planning for long-term care
  • Support Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s disease
  • Fall prevention in the elderly & hip fracture
  • Stroke, heart failure, chronic kidney disease & depression
  • End-of-life care
  • Parent & caregiver self care
  • Menopause support and guidance

Dedicated support from a Cleo Guide matched to your family’s needs

  • Personalized guidance from a certified parenting or caregiving expert
    who gets to know your family
  • Regular check-ins to provide relevant tips and suggestions
  • Help finding the right resources
  • Answers to any question big or small.

Specialist access & clinically backed LifePathsSM

  • Unlimited access to 1:1 sessions with
    60+ types of caregiving specialists
  • Early interventions and planning to improve outcomes
  • Proactive screenings to identify and mitigate risks

Personalized resources and community connections

  • Receive customized health and caregiving tips
  • Access a library of content from clinicians and other experts
  • Join live webinars, group classes, parenting or caregiving communities, and more

Family caregiver support from Cleo is making a difference every day to families like yours.


“She spoke about me, not about guidelines. Not about what I must do. Just what works with me and Celia and Mustapha. What works for my family.”

Marwa, mom and Cleo member

Read Marwa’s Cleo story


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How does Cleo’s family caregiver support program work?

Cleo matches every new member with a personalized Cleo Guide to provide one-on-one support throughout their parenting journey. Cleo Guides have a wide range of backgrounds from lactation consultants and sleep coaches to childcare development and education specialists, career coaches, and more. Cleo also offers content, live expert sessions, webinars, Q&As, community groups, and more.

What types of specialists can I connect with through Cleo’s family caregiver support?

Cleo’s network of specialists and experts includes birth and postpartum doulas, midwives, International Board Certified Lactation Consultants, sleep coaches, child development experts, nutritionists, and more.

Does Cleo replace any of my medical providers?

We don’t replace your clinical care — we complement it. Cleo helps connect you to the best providers, understand what to expect at appointments, answer questions in between visits, and learn how to advocate for yourself and your family.

How much does Cleo caregiver support it cost?

All resources available to you through Cleo are at no cost to you. The service is fully paid for by your employer.

Is Cleo family caregiver support available in languages other than English?

Cleo Guides support families across 15+ languages: English, Spanish, French, Farsi, Danish, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Mandarin, Polish, Quebecois French, Russian, Turkish, & Urdu.