The next generation of family-centered health care has arrived

With Cleo’s end-to-end family-centered support across reproductive health and fertility, parenting, and family caregiving, your health plan can provide the comprehensive health and well-being solution leading companies need to support their working families.

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Employers need health care solutions to support their working families now


of employees are a parent or caring for an adult loved one


of families report having a child with special health care needs


of employers are prioritizing family benefits

The only end-to-end caregiver support solution available today

Global care network

Specialized care teams provide 1:1 culturally concordant support to address the complete spectrum of family needs

Outcome-driven LifePathsSM

Powered by predictive and prescriptive insights, Cleo’s LifePathsSM recommend next best actions to improve care

Personalized experience

Cleo delivers a highly personalized, curated, and omnichannel member experience focused on end-to-end support

Investing in caregivers

Leading employers are rethinking how they can best support and nurture a healthy, productive workforce.

The family benefits landscape

With dozens of point solutions, overlapping offerings, and new benefits, understand how it all fits together.

Amplifies existing offerings

Cleo integrates and compliments your existing health plan offerings. Member families are better equipped to engage with care that improves health outcomes.

Provides end-to-end care

Cleo is the only comprehensive solution with support available for those planning to have a child all the way through caring for an adult loved one. Cleo is there through every phase and stage of a parent’s and caregiver’s journey.

Delivers on key objectives

Employers are looking to their health plans for solutions to their most pressing business objectives. Cleo meets the needs of benefits leaders at the intersection of health, DE&I, and talent with inclusive support designed to meet the unique needs of all working families.

Family support drives real outcomes


of members report improved mental health in 6 weeks


increased engagement in employer programs and partners in place


Member Net Promoter Score (NPS)

trusted by OVER 180 companies with members in over 60 countries


How does Cleo integrate with existing benefits?

Complimenting and amplifying employers’ existing benefits is core to our philosophy at Cleo. We take a human and technology approach to benefits integration. During implementation, we work with each client to understand their complementary family support benefits, train Cleo Guides on these resources, and embed information about these benefits within the Cleo App. With the addition of Cleo, customers have seen 3x engagement with the programs and partners already in place.

How does Cleo add value for employers?

Cleo helps business and benefits leaders meet objectives at the intersection of health, DE&I, and talent through inclusive support designed to meet the unique needs of every working family. Now more than ever, employers are leaning on Cleo to help.

Who is eligible for Cleo?

Cleo is for all caregivers, including soon-to-be parents. With 70% of employees already a parent or caregiver of an adult loved one, Cleo is here to support them as well as employees who aren’t yet in those ranks, but will likely be at some point over the course of their careers.

Where does Cleo support start and stop?

Cleo is a valuable addition to members’ clinical and health care providers, and not a replacement. Cleo’s personalized guidance and advocacy fills the support gaps faced by working families.

How do employers budget for Cleo?

Employers choose to partner with Cleo for its impact across health & wellbeing, DE&I, and talent management (i.e., recruitment, retention, and productivity). This often creates the opportunity for a cross-functional budget allocation. In addition, Cleo maintains a flexible pricing structure that allows us to tailor both our pricing model and payment structure to your organizational needs.