Cleo Caregiving is now global

Cleo’s end-to-end parenting and caregiving benefit is now available to all family groups anywhere in the world

We’re proud to announce the expansion of our Cleo Caregiving adult care support services internationally, making us the only end-to-end family and caregiving benefit available for global employee workforces.

Employers can now provide their working parents and caregivers with the comprehensive support they need to thrive across their global workforces. From pregnancy and postpartum support to child, teen, and elder care resources, we’re dedicated to providing end-to-end support for all stages and phases of life.

“At Juniper, we go above and beyond to demonstrate our commitment to our employees as a whole person, and not just their work life. Cleo’s benefit offerings provide resources and support that make it easier for our employees to navigate all aspects of their lives.”

Heather Tuttle, Senior Benefits Manager, Juniper Networks

Cleo customers experience lower attrition rates—Cleo members are 30% less likely to be planning to leave their job than non-Cleo working parents. Moreover, Cleo helps caregivers navigate the day to day challenges that can lead to high levels of anxiety, reduced productivity, increased absenteeism, and attrition, all of which add up to increased costs for employers.

Our mission is to create a more equitable work world where employers and employees alike can be successful. Cleo families are happier, healthier, and more productive and engaged as they balance their roles at home and at work. We offer our benefit to nearly 3 million member families in 65+ countries globally via 180+ leading employers such as Juniper Networks, Pinterest, Equinox, PepsiCo, and The Learning Care Group.

Learn more about how to join us, and offer our inclusive and fully-integrated offering to your employees.