Cleo now available for Sequoia clients through its Wellbeing Bundle

Employers looking for high-impact support for their working families can now get Cleo through the Sequoia Wellbeing Bundle.

At Cleo, our mission is to create a world where working families don’t merely survive, but thrive. This mission has been made ever more urgent during the last trying year of the pandemic. As we innovate across our products—including increasing Cleo Kids support up to age 12 and introducing Cleo Marketplace with 18 diverse, innovative partners from virtual childcare to daycare search to parenting-support products currently available—we are also focused on increasing access to employers of all sizes who want to give their people the benefit of Cleo.

That’s why we are excited to share that as of last month, Cleo is available to all Sequoia Consulting Group clients to purchase as part of the Sequoia Wellbeing Bundle. By working together, we extend the reach of Cleo’s family benefits platform and bring our personalized, proactive, clinician-designed support to even more working families.

Cleo supports 100+ employers and their global employees today, helping working families in over 55 countries better balance health, family, and work by pairing them with expert Guides who support parents through every question, up and down of the expecting and parenting journey. Cleo Guides help direct members to the best possible healthcare decisions, promote healthy behaviors, and intervene with expert guidance at critical moments that add up to improved whole family health and drive better outcomes, such as higher rates of retention of working mothers, decreased costs and risks along fertility and maternity journeys, and increased confidence, trust and satisfaction at work. Through the Sequoia Wellbeing Bundle customers can buy Cleo Baby—support from expecting to baby’s first birthday—and Cleo Kids—support for parenting children from ages 1-12.

Cleo products for working parents part of sequoia wellbeing bundle

With our new partnership, Sequoia clients interested in Cleo can onboard, implement, and integrate Cleo into their existing benefits ecosystem quickly and easily—as fast as 15 days. To get started, contact your Sequoia client team directly or visit to learn more. We’re proud to come together with Sequoia to help employers meet the urgent needs of their employee populations and look forward to supporting many more families.