10 questions to ask while assessing family benefits for your organization

For an organization looking to add benefits, consolidate them, or replace a current benefits vendor, it can be a harrowing process to wade through all of the options.

Family benefits are a fast-changing benefits space, with more and more offerings and point solutions coming to market by the day. For an organization looking to add benefits, consolidate them, or replace a current benefits vendor, it can be a harrowing process to wade through all of the options.

After understanding your employee base, running surveys, and assessing your needs, the next major step is exploring and interviewing offerings.

Be sure to review this checklist of the top 10 questions to ask of family benefits providers to ensure that you’re making the most cost-effective and consolidated decision:

☐ How are your experts vetted and qualified?

  • Cleo Guides, matched 1:1 with Cleo members, always have expertise in the life stages relevant to the members and families that they support, and are certified end-of-life doulas, offering compassionate support for grief and loss at any stage.

☐ Is this benefit available to my global workforce?

  • Cleo’s offerings are fully global, encompassing 70+ countries with Cleo Guides supporting in 15+ languages.

☐ Does this benefit address the greatest proportion of my employee population, as opposed to a small percentage?

  • 73% of all employees are also parents or caregivers to an aging adult, or both. That includes all life stages, from building a family to birth to raising kids and teenagers, to caring for aging adults and elders. Plus, with Cleo’s included self-care, 100% of your employees are eligible.

☐ Does your parenting support go beyond maternity care?

  • Spoiler alert: Babies grow up! It’s not enough to simply support women and other parents through the pregnancy/expecting stages and the birthing process — toddlers, tweens, and teenagers come with their own challenges, some of which arguably put more pressure than new babies on parents who are trying to balance work and home life.

☐ How large is your company, and what top clients do you have?

  • Cleo, in operation since 2016, has an ever-expanding customer base of enterprise clients, including Salesforce, PepsiCo, Pinterest, Red Bull, and more.

☐ How do you collaborate with your current and future clients, in terms of innovation and weighing in on the product road map?

  • Throughout our history, Cleo enterprise clients have always contributed to the roadmap and our product growth. We look to our customers as partners, and leverage them as a sounding board to determine new areas of growth.

☐ How do you support members with administrative parenting and caregiving tasks?

  • Cleo’s Guide team supports members with all types of child and elder care tasks, including searching for local, affordable, accessible child care and elder care options.

☐ How many sessions do you offer? Can you provide unlimited support? Do you offer something that is not case rate?

  • Cleo members have unlimited sessions with more than 40 different types of specialists, with no hidden fees or bills for either the member or the employer.

☐ Do you do more than provide child care? What alternatives do you provide rather than typical child care or back-up care?

  • Many family benefits are back-up child care providers and nothing else, whereas Cleo can help members search for child care or elder care, as well as coach through and to a wide variety of other types of care, including emotional wellness, career coaching, child development, sleep support, lactation support, cancer care support, neurodivergence support, and much more.

☐ What makes you different enough to confidently pitch this to my CFO?

  • Cleo is the only global, end-to-end family care platform that supports every life stage of your employees, with endless utilization, referrals to your other benefits in your suite, and a true partnership between organizations. Get in touch for an ROI analysis for your organization.

By supporting their lives outside of the workplace, companies can ensure that their employees can be their best selves and do their best work.


As seen on the checklist: Cleo can do all of the above, and more. Visit this link to request a demo.