Introducing Support Plans: Evidence-based tasks and interventions to support parents and caregivers

Support Plans help employees bring their whole and best selves to their life’s tasks, every day.

With Cleo’s Support Plan offering, Cleo members can check off high-value tasks on their own time, and work towards successful outcomes as they care for others.

If you asked a working parent or a caregiver what they lack the most, one of the answers you might get in response is time.

Time — to get work done, to do laundry, to cook meals, to spend quality time with those we love, to take care of ourselves — is one of the major barriers to parents and caregivers finding the support they need to bring their best selves to their myriad jobs. Having the support they need mapped out and available to them when they’re ready to tackle it is essential.

Enter Cleo Support Plans.

Cleo members can now, on their own time, check off structured task lists of high-value information to consume, sessions to schedule, appointments to book, or conversations to have, so that they can be the best parents, caregivers, and employees they can be.

Here’s how Cleo Support Plans work:

  • Every Cleo member is assigned at least one Support Plan upon enrollment, which consists of associated tasks based on the family details they’ve shared with Cleo.
  • A Cleo member follows along with their Support Plan(s) to address some of the more challenging milestones along a typical journey, such as parenting a toddler or raising a teenager, and check tasks off of their lists as they complete them.
  • A Cleo member can also follow along with in-depth support tailored to specific caregiving conditions, such as high-risk pregnancy, ADHD, learning disabilities, Alzheimer’s/Dementia, and others.
  • As always, the member’s Cleo Guide is there to help provide additional detail and support at any time, 1:1.

As a result, employers can rest assured that not only are their employees being supported through difficult life tasks that can cause distraction, burnout, absenteeism — all of which cost their employer money — in a manner that is driven by the employee themselves. Support Plans help people bring their whole and best selves to their life’s tasks, every day.

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