Introducing Cleo’s smart recommendations for benefits navigation

Now, with Cleo’s smart benefits recommendations, members are automatically connected to the most relevant benefits based on their needs—right as they open their Cleo app.

Most clients, despite their best efforts, struggle to drive utilization of their benefits. On the flip side, employees tend not to be aware of their full suite of relevant benefits that their employer offers.

With so many offerings on hand, both domestically and internationally, there are more benefits than ever. How can employers help connect their employees to the right benefit at the right time?

Enter Cleo.

Cleo members have always been able to find other relevant benefits that their employer offers through our in-app benefits hub and personalized Guide recommendations.

Now, with Cleo’s smart benefits recommendations, members automatically see the most relevant benefits based on their needs—right as they open their Cleo app.

Cleo smart benefits recommendations

Members automatically receive personalized benefit recommendations based on their life stage (such as parenting a child or teen, or caring for an elder adult), what support topics are selected during enrollment, the country the member resides in, and more. They also have access to their full benefits provided by their employer, as well as eligibility details and sign-up instructions on how to directly connect with the benefit.

This smart list digital experience is in addition to Cleo Guide-supported benefits recommendations and referrals. Cleo Guides are trained in each company’s benefits and navigation, and during a conversation with their Cleo Guide, a member will receive personalized recommendations based on their distinct need and circumstances.

For example, some of the top benefits referral categories are mental health, child care and education, and maternal and infant health.

Our smart list rollout already has some excellent early results:

  • 16.22% of Cleo members have already clicked into at least one additional company benefit
  • Approximately 6% of those members then clicked on a CTA to take them directly to the benefit outside of the Cleo app
  • A whopping 32% of those members sent a chat message to their Cleo Guide after engaging with their benefits, demonstrating the synergy between Cleo’s offering and additional company benefits

On the employer side, Cleo clients gain insight into the top referral categories, including views and click-through rate, and rest assured that Cleo is helping to drive enrollment and engagement with their full benefits ecosystem. It’s a win/win/win for employers, employees, and your other benefits alike.

Learn more about the smart benefits hub and other Cleo benefits for your workforce.