Combining AI-powered analysis with the magic of the Cleo Guide

Cleo’s new generative AI, Cleo Assist, allows Cleo’s human Guides to spend even more time on their 1:1 relationships with our parenting and caregiving members.

Cleo’s new generative AI, Cleo Assist, allows Cleo’s human Guides to spend even more time on their 1:1 relationships with our parenting and caregiving members.

Why AI?
There are many “jobs to be done” within the family benefits and concierge care sphere to improve employees’ lives both at home and in the workplace. As a recent article on technology in healthcare explains, several of these jobs are well-suited to AI, given how labor-intensive and complex they can be. One of the key jobs to be done for caregiving is predictive care planning and curating personalized education and resources specific to the health conditions of the care recipient and the wellbeing needs of the caregiver.

Cleo is thrilled to present Cleo Assist, an AI powered suite of capabilities to solve these “jobs to be done” for parents and caregivers who are looking for emotional support and practical solutions to their big and small everyday issues that arise as they take care of loved ones.

Cleo Assist -- AI family benefits technology

What AI technology is Cleo implementing?
The first product, shipping in 2023, is our intelligent member tagging and automated profile analysis. This Cleo Assist-powered feature plays a crucial role in understanding sentiment, tone and expression throughout key interactions members experience with the Cleo platform. It goes beyond a basic understanding of a member’s needs, allowing Cleo to gain deeper insights that unlocks a more tailored plan of support for specific caregiving situations. In turn, this expanded understanding and curated experience delivers optimal outcomes that make all the difference when it comes to navigating the burdens of caregiving. Of course, this is only the beginning, a first stepping stone towards our larger suite of solving meaningful challenges in a truly supportive way.

What about data security?
Our highest commitment continues to be to protect our members and their data. All of Cleo’s AI-powered technology — in fact, all of our technology — comes with the highest level of security for member data here at Cleo — we are HITRUST certified, maintaining the absolute gold standard in data privacy controls and critical cybersecurity, as well as SOC 2 certified by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), which is a voluntary certification specifying the proper way organizations should manage customer data. Members can always opt out of our enhanced AI experience, too.

What about human power?
It’s vitally important to note, of course, that Cleo Assist is and always will be working in conjunction with expert support from real humans, our Cleo Guides. Think of Cleo Assist as truly assisting our brilliant human Cleo Guides, allowing them to gain a comprehensive understanding of their members’ needs and feelings, and leaving them with the time and bandwidth to do what Guides do best: Support every Cleo member personally, building a 1:1 relationship over time and solving for all intersecting needs — whether for members with parenting responsibilities, or those in the Sandwich Generation also caring for adult loved ones.

It’s time to go beyond concierge care. No other family benefits offering pairs AI-powered technology with true, 1:1, continuous human-powered support like Cleo.

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