Cleo is HITRUST certified

Cleo achieves this gold standard in data protection, information security and business compliance risk management for our customers and their parent and caregiver employees.

We have exciting news: Cleo is HITRUST certified!

HITRUST is the gold standard for rigorous data privacy controls and the most critical cybersecurity hygiene—and with this certification comes the proof that Cleo meets and exceeds their requirements for key areas of risk management and compliance. This includes areas such as access control, vulnerability management, endpoint protection, mobile device security, audit logging and monitoring, and education, training, and awareness.

“This is a huge achievement not only for Cleo, but for our loyal customers,” said Tyler Hoersch, Chief Technology Officer. “Our HITRUST certification means they can trust Cleo to safely and securely protect their employees’ data with the rigorous security and compliance thresholds set by this best-in-class standard.”

Considering that Cleo is the first and only global end-to-end platform supporting working families — from thinking about starting a family through supporting adults as a caregiver, and everything in between — protecting data is more important than ever.

When we were compared to the aggregate average of companies who have completed their HITRUST certification, we scored at or better on over 85% of the entire audit.

Here are more details about Cleo’s HITRUST as well as privacy and data standards:

  • The HITRUST audit consists of 219 Security Controls across 19 HITRUST domains.
  • Cleo is HITRUST Implemented 1-year (i1) certified which means our certification renews each year.
  • Cleo’s technology platform runs on a HIPAA compliant cloud service.
  • In addition to HITRUST, Cleo is also SOC2 Type 2 Certified.

This is a paramount milestone, and we’re thrilled to add the HITRUST certification to the list of why our customers consider Cleo one of their most important benefits.


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