Introducing Menopause Support for Cleo Members

Cleo is proud to provide comprehensive menopause support for parents and caregivers through our Self-Care offering.

Empowering employees experiencing menopause — and their employers — through every life phase.

Approximately 6,000 people in the United States reach menopause each day.

Menopause’s myriad symptoms and struggles, which often are not discussed or widely known, can have major implications for people’s lives and careers — including missed days of work, lack of ability to focus due to the physical transition, and poor mental health. Nine out of 10 women report that menopause symptoms affect them at work, and most of these employees are in key management and senior positions in the workplace.

Cleo is proud to provide comprehensive menopause support for parents and caregivers through our Self-Care offering. We understand that navigating menopause can be a transformative yet challenging experience, impacting various aspects of home and work life. Through one-on-one support and personalized care, Cleo addresses its members’ unique needs, ensuring that they receive the most effective support to help them navigate this stage with confidence and ease.

Help your employees embrace change and healthy aging

Menopause is a highly personal experience, with a wide variation of symptoms and challenges — such as low energy, sleep issues, moodiness, irritability, hot flashes, or depression. Approximately half of the global population will go through menopause. Perimenopause — the period of time just prior to menopause, which brings its own symptoms — can begin as early as 30’s, and menopause symptoms can be more severe for women of color than they are for white women and last longer.

It’s crucial to recognize the impact menopause can have on various areas, including family, work, relationships, and self-care. While society has become more open about discussing menopause, personal conversations about its effects can remain challenging.

Help your employees find the right menopause care for their needs

Menopause symptoms and their lifestyle effects also often need medical support. Again, openly discussing symptoms and even pursuing care for them remains a challenge.

Cleo can help coach members both to and through care, and can provide that clinical navigation that often can get tricky for menopause. Cleo Guides can help members navigate finding a medical provider for their specific menopause or perimenopause care needs, especially helping them find providers who are menopause-informed.

Help your employees navigate menopause at work

The impact of menopause extends to the workplace, where challenges such as concentration issues and performance fluctuations can arise. Studies show that a significant number of workers hesitate to disclose the true reason for their absence due to menopausal symptoms. As menopausal employees become a rapidly growing demographic in the workforce, it’s crucial to initiate open conversations about these needs.

Cleo meets employees where they are, so that they get the emotional and medical support they need in order to take control of their health and well-being during this transformative journey—and employers can trust that their employees are in good hands.

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