Introducing dedicated Self-Care at Cleo—regardless of whether you’re a caregiver

Now, all employees of a Cleo customer will have access to Self-Care, regardless of whether they are caring for others, or just themselves.

Now, all employees of a Cleo customer will have access to Self-Care support, regardless of whether they are caring for others, or just themselves.

Cleo has always offered support to every member for taking care of themselves as they take care of their family. With our new expanded access to Self-Care with Cleo, employees can enroll in Cleo and receive life-changing care for themselves, regardless of their parenting and caregiving situation.

Self-Care with Cleo delivers practical, actionable tips for how to stay engaged as a person at home and at work during some of life’s most challenging moments. Support for members includes evidence-based in-app content, Support Plans (as shown in the below image), 1:1 Cleo Guide support, specialist sessions, benefit referrals, and more.

self-care with cleo support plan

Whatever your employees’ families look like — if they have children, care for adults, live with a partner, or live by themselves — Cleo can now support them in many areas of self-care, including:

Mental health:
+ Cleo is uniquely positioned to provide Mental Health Support to your whole population to complement and amplify your mental and behavioral health benefits.


Maximizing quality sleep

+ Cleo’s support helps inform members about symptoms of menopause or perimenopause, coaches members both to and through care, and helps them navigate finding an informed medical provider for their specific needs.

Chronic medical conditions


Future planning for career

Financial and legal planning

Connectedness and personal relationships

Separation or co-parenting

Navigating grief and loss

Cancer care:
+ Cancer support will now be an integral part of Cleo’s Self-Care, Parenting, and Caregiving offerings. More information coming April 2024!

and more
In the current top areas of support for Cleo members that were addressed with Cleo Guides in the past year, Member’s Mental Health, Caregiving Balance & Self-Care, and often both were present across all life stages — from considering, family planning, and baby though kids, teens, and adult caregiving. We know that care looks different for every individual and every family, and that self-care is a crucial component of wellbeing, regardless of the life journey one is on.

Get an inside look at Cleo Self-Care and how it could lead to happier, healthier employees.