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Wed Apr 22 2020 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

The survey results revealed that a staggering 95% of respondents returned to work after parental leave. 74% of respondents were more than one year out from their baby’s arrival — nearly all of whom were retained with their original employer. 20% of respondents said that either they or their partner are considering leaving the workforce to care for their children in response to COVID-19 impacts on childcare.

Do Cleo members return to work?

  • 95% returned to work after parental leave
  • 89% returned to work to original employer
  • 83% returned to work on time
  • 74% of respondents who had returned to work were at 1 year or more post-baby
  • 91% are working the same number of hours or more since having a child

How do Cleo members regard their employees?

  • 41% said that knowing their employer cared about them to offer Cleo supported their ability to return to work
  • 90% agree with the statement: “Based on my current experience, I would stay with this organization if I have another child.”

What is Cleo’s role in supporting the return to work?

  • 84% agree with the statement: “Support that I received from Cleo made me more confident in my ability to return to work.”
  • 60% felt their Cleo Guide was instrumental in helping them return to work

What are the biggest challenges for families after returning to work?

  • 60% reported wanting more time for their child(ren)
  • 54% reported coordinating responsibilities with partner
  • 48% said the logistics of childcare
  • 31% said emotional/mental wellness

What are the impacts of COVID-19?

  • >50% of families are without childcare. Either one parent or both parents are sharing childcare responsibilities
  • 52% feel that their productivity is 75% or less than usual
  • 1 in 4 feel their productivity is at less than 50% of baseline

What childcare solutions are families considering?

  • 56% said they will continue to share responsibilities with their working partner
  • 37% said they will have family come and stay with them
  • 20% said either they or their partner are considering leaving the workforce to care for their children
  • 16% are willing to consider forming a sharecare
  • 16% said they would move to be closer to family

Who we surveyed

246 respondents who are employees of large enterprise companies. At the time the survey was conducted, respondents were all parents at greater than four weeks post-birth. At the time the survey was conducted, respondents had been enrolled in Cleo for at least two months

  • 78% Birth Parents
  • 21% Non-Birth Parents
  • 1% Adoptive Parents

Survey conducted in April 2020