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Cleo gives working parents personalized guidance from expecting to parenting children up to age 12 with mental health support, career coaching, parenting advice, and family health navigation. You’ll work one-on-one with your own Cleo Guide, a trained and certified expert whose personalized support makes life’s major moments easier. Cleo is brought to you by eBay.

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One-on-one expert support

Each family is paired with a dedicated Cleo Guide—certified health, parenting, and career experts. Available through messaging, phone, and video, your Guide is there to support your unique needs with your parenting goals, career demands, and personal values in mind.

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Evidence-based research

Cleo’s content library is available at your fingertips to give you the research-backed advice you need. From on-demand webinars and curated content to personalized care plans and more, you’ll find answers to your parenting questions.

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A community of parents

In addition to connecting you with experts, Cleo offers virtual events and support groups to find community with working parents going through similar challenges including fertility treatments, parenting children with specialized health needs, and life as a new parent.


Eligible eBay employees have access to Cleo at no cost.

Through eBay’s partnership with Cleo, eligible employees receive Cleo support at no cost. Cleo supports birthing parents, partners, adoptive parents, surrogate parents, fostering parents, same-sex parents, and single parents from pregnancy through parenting of children up to age 12. It is a free family benefit available to both primary and secondary caregivers. Upon enrollment, eBay employees can invite and extend the Cleo benefit to their partners.

Parenting is hard. Cleo helps make it easier.

Cleo is here to support you through the screaming fits and the fits of giggles. Managing parenting, work, and your own health can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re here. Learn more about Cleo.

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Chat with your guide

Cleo Guides are here to answer all your questions, big and small—”Should I be worried?” “How can we play as a family?” Send a message or schedule a call when it’s convenient for you. Share photos with your Guide and invite a partner to get answers to your questions as a family.

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Discover the content you need

With Cleo’s Discover tool, you can easily find the content that’s relevant to your family. Get answers to your questions, find resources, or learn more about topics like childcare, development, career, sleep, family dynamics, feeding, and more.

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Personalized Tips

Cleo is tailored to your needs. Based on where you are in your parenting journey—whether you’re 6 weeks pregnant or chasing after a 6 year old—get personalized advice like questions to ask your physician, expected developmental milestones, or tips for how to practice self-care as a parent.

Most medical professionals want to speak the entirety of their piece before permitting questions, but we have had an amazing experience with every Cleo specialist. Any inquiries or interruptions are welcomed with a smile. Amazing to have this support tool as a new parent.
eBay parent ebay
The weekly group sessions have been a lifesaver! The chance to speak to and share experiences with people who are in the same boat is invaluable. Just the reassurance you’re not alone is great, and it’s not something I wouldn’t have without these sessions.
eBay parent ebay
Talking to our Guide has really helped us in a number of ways and has provided us the necessary information at each stage of our baby's growth as well as for us as parents.
eBay parent ebay

Frequently Asked Questions

Cleo is a family benefit offered to prospective and current parents through their employer. Through one-on-one guidance, personalized content, and an intuitive app, Cleo brings working families the support they need from family planning and mental health support to figuring out childcare for your family and beyond.

Cleo is for working parents and aspiring parents of all types and backgrounds. We support people just starting to think about starting a family, including those navigating adoption or surrogacy, all the way through parents with children up to age 12. We offer inclusive care to all families, no matter how they came to be.

Cleo matches every new member with a personalized Cleo Guide, a professional in their field, who is their personal support throughout the parenting journey. Cleo Guides have backgrounds across the spectrum from lactation consultants and sleep coaches to childcare development and education specialists, career coaches, and more. Cleo also offers content, live expert sessions, webinars, Q&As, community groups, and more.

We don’t replace your clinical care; instead we complement it. Cleo helps you navigate to the best providers, understand what to expect at appointments, answer questions in between visits, and learn how to advocate for yourself and your family.

Cleo Guides are parenting, wellness, and career experts. They are trained to support Cleo families and all have certifications, degrees, and specialties beyond their Cleo training. Guides range in expertise from birth and postpartum doulas and International Board Certified Lactation Consultants to educators and social workers. New members are paired with a Guide as soon as they are enrolled within the app.