Madhavi Vemireddy, MD


Madhavi Vemireddy, MD is Cleo’s CEO, having previously served as Cleo’s Chief Clinical Officer. Madhavi is board-certified in Internal Medicine and has over 20 years of experience in advanced clinical analytics, population health programs, and digital health products.

Madhavi joined Cleo through the CareTribe acquisition, where she was the cofounder and COO. At CareTribe, Madhavi applied her population health experience and her personal journey of caregiving for her eldest son to support family caregivers, irrespective of the age or condition of their loved one(s).

Prior to CareTribe, Madhavi was Chief Medical Officer and Head of Product at ActiveHealth Management and Head of Program Design for Aetna Care Management (both CVS Health companies), where she led the development of evidence-based analytics, population health programs and digital platforms that served over 22 million Americans.