Meet Yasi Baiani, Cleo’s VP of Product

We’re proud to welcome Yasi Baiani to the Cleo leadership team as she leads us into our next stage of product innovation.

At Cleo, we believe when exceptional products meet personalized one-on-one service, working parents experience a new level of support they can’t get from benefits programs or medical providers alone. That’s why we’re so excited to welcome Yasi Baiani as our new VP of Product to lead Cleo’s next stage of product innovation.

Yasi is a product leader with a deep focus on customer and member experiences as well as design. She brings over a decade of highly relevant experience in venture-backed health technology companies and investing. Most recently Yasi was the Head of Teladoc’s mental health product where she built the first integrated Livongo/Teladoc product, coupling digital solutions with teletherapy services. Previously, she led teams at Fitbit, athenahealth, and Halo Neuroscience.

Members are at the center of all we do at Cleo and deeply understanding them is the key to providing impactful care. Yasi’s expertise building human-centered products that seamlessly blend digital solutions with personalized support will transform how we deliver exceptional experiences to working parents. With her leadership, Cleo will continue to evolve how we deliver the right care at the right time to further improve health outcomes.

“Cleo is here to help every company to deliver the right sets of family benefits to their employees. I’m inspired to wake up every day to transform whole family health.”

Yasi Baiani, Cleo VP of Product


3 million women left the workforce during the pandemic. Along with this exodus, Yasi observed a major shift in employees’ expectations and HR leaders’ role in providing meaningful support, quickly and at scale. “Cleo is here to help every company to deliver the right sets of family benefits to their employees. I’m inspired to wake up every day to reimagine whole family health for the better,” says Yasi.

Now, as the world transforms again, benefits leaderss and providers both must continue to innovate. We are relentlessly improving and tailoring our product to meet working parents’ needs as they rapidly change. Working families are infinitely unique and Cleo’s vision is to build a platform so personalized and so adaptable that every family feels individually and wholly supported through growing their family, navigating their own health, and thriving in their career. “I am thrilled to have Yasi join us at such a pivotal time for our organization and our product,” says Cleo CEO SJ Sacchetti

As a working mom of two, Yasi also personally understands the challenges our members face every day. “As a parent and career-focused individual, Cleo’s mission is dear to my heart. Being effective at work and being a great parent at times feel impossible. Cleo makes a meaningful difference for parents trying to manage it all and I believe helping to make progress towards a world where all working parents thrive is worth all my energy!”