Not just for expecting parents: Everything new with the new Cleo

If it’s been a while since you checked in with Cleo, check out all of the exciting new broader and deeper benefit offerings we’ve added.

It’s been an incredible year of growth for Cleo in the family benefits space. We’ve been supporting families and employers since 2016, and sometimes because of that, many folks still have the belief that we are “just” a pregnancy and baby benefit.

Cleo, of course, supports those parents and partners who are expecting and caring for their infants. But we now support a much broader — and deeper — range of caregivers than just that space.

So, we thought we would update you on some major changes with Cleo since perhaps you last checked in:

  • Cleo is the only global end-to-end family benefit, supporting employees who are forming families, expecting and raising infants, toddlers, children, and teenagers, and caring for an adult or aging loved one.
  • We leverage evidence-based LifePaths and individualized Support Plans to personalize and support employees’ special caregiving needs — such as neurodivergence, high-risk pregnancy, child care search, Alzheimer’s disease, and others — and mitigate the risk and reduce costs to employers like you.
  • We support every individual employee in their own self-care — with menopause, chronic medical conditions such as Cancer, mental health, and others — since care for oneself is the most commonly-overlooked area of concern for caregivers.
  • We’re the only measuring Family Health in a holistic way, so that employers understand the health and risks of their population.
  • We’re driving better outcomes. Despite having higher burden, Cleo members score higher on connectedness, self-care, family support, emotional wellness, and confidence.
  • 80% of Cleo members agree that Cleo saved them time by getting them the resources, answers or help needed as a working parent and/or caregiver.
  • We’ve become HITRUST certified, as well as SOC 2 certified, ensuring that the gold standard of global data protection serves all Cleo members and employers.
  • We serve employees in more than 70 countries, with localized support in 15+ languages.
  • We’ve helped reduce burnout, absenteeism, and medical costs for our 180+ employers, and have helped increase focus, retention and loyalty — resulting in happier and more productive employees.

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