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May 5
Why employees are leaving for jobs that offer better family benefits

In this new working environment, many employees are looking for more support to navigate their growing needs — needs that a basic benefits package won’t meet.

May 3
12 reasons why benefits leaders shouldn’t wait to bring in caregiving support benefits

As caregivers increase in both number and recognition, bringing benefits in to help them supports both employees and the employer.

May 1
The Working Family Crisis: Why investing in working families can’t wait

Companies that invest in supporting working parents and caregivers can benefit from increased productivity, higher employee satisfaction, and reduced turnover rates.

April 4
Cleo is HITRUST certified

Cleo achieves this gold standard in data protection, information security and business compliance risk management for our customers and their parent and caregiver employees.

March 21
With Cleo Caregiving, Adult Caregivers Get Support, Too

75% of employees are a parent or caring for an adult loved one — and those who aren’t may be soon. Cleo supports your employees through it.

March 2
Cleo named one of Fast Company’s World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2023

Cleo is the only global family and caregiver employee benefit platform that provides support from starting a family through caring for an adult loved one.

February 6
Caregiving Finance: Budgeting for Yourself and a Loved One

Planning budgets for you and a loved one can help take some of this stress away. It can also help prepare you for the future and any financial surprises.

January 13
2023 Predictions for HR Benefits Providers

2023 will be the year benefits and talent management strategies converge to optimize outcomes. Watch Cleo’s webinar with three benefits leaders on their 2023 predictions.

Case Study
November 9
Hong’s Cleo story: “My son was well cared for, but I was struggling.”

Hong receives support from Cleo through her husband’s employer. In her own words, she shares her experience with and gratitude for Cleo’s personalized support.