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January 13
2023 Predictions for HR Benefits Providers

2023 will be the year benefits and talent management strategies converge to optimize outcomes. Watch Cleo’s webinar with three benefits leaders on their 2023 predictions.

Case Study
November 9
Hong’s Cleo story: “My son was well cared for, but I was struggling.”

Hong receives support from Cleo through her husband’s employer. In her own words, she shares her experience with and gratitude for Cleo’s personalized support.

What employers should know about the mental load of pumping at work

The mental load of coordinating the logistics of pumping at work and navigating an employer’s lactation support—or lack thereof—can weigh heavily on parents who may already be struggling to adjust to the return to work.

October 6
A powerful new tool to measure and improve the health of working families

Beyond providing insight on the wellbeing of caregivers and their families at scale, Cleo’s Family Health Index enables early, targeted interventions to help parents and caregivers at greater risk of burnout.

September 22
Redefining benefits strategies for a family-first workforce

Cleo teamed up with Harvard Business Review Analytic Services to create a comprehensive report on benefits strategies for forward-thinking leaders as they create inclusive, family-first workplaces.

September 14
Why every leader needs a ‘Working Family’ strategy now

CEO Sarahjane Sacchetti points out that working families make up 60-70% of employees at most companies—and a large majority of senior management. This massive segment of the workforce remains severely underserved by employers today.

Case Study
September 9
Ashley & Gerry’s Cleo story continues: “This baby is so different than the first one.”

Cleo is designed for personalized support throughout your family journey, no matter where on the journey you are. Whether it’s your first, second, or third kid, Cleo is here to support you.

September 7
I got promoted at Salesforce during my 6-month maternity leave. Here’s how my experience helped shape our company culture.

Abigail Hollingsworth was up for a promotion when she went on maternity leave. She worried taking time off would affect her chances, but then her boss called with good news. This is her story, as told to Robin Madell for Business Insider.

August 19
Guide spotlight: Uncovering what lies beneath challenging behaviors

Cleo Guide and Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Alexis, let us in on the essential work of building connection with member families to help them through this process of discovery.