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July 13
How to retain and attract top talent with the flexibility today’s job market demands

Business leader and Cleo’s VP of Product Yasi Baiani explores the critical importance of flexibility for today’s top talent and offers tactics for integrating it into the workplace.

July 6
Cleo CEO Sarahjane Sacchetti speaks out on the reversal of Roe v. Wade

We will continue to provide members with unbiased and empathetic support every step of the way.

June 28
Reproductive justice: your right to safe & equitable care

The following was written for the Cleo app in 2021 by Dr. Joy Cooper, OBGYN and founder of Culture Care. In light of the more recent overturning of Roe v. Wade, we reaffirm that access to abortion is healthcare and should be treated as a conversation and decision by a patient and provider.

June 9
Cleo Conversations: The secret strategy to becoming a top brand with AirBnB

Listening to their workforce isn’t only important to AirBnB, it’s crucial to providing the right support for their employees.

June 6
How Cleo supports LGBTQIA+ families

Inclusivity is a business imperative. Here’s how Cleo can help you offer inclusive family support for LGBTQIA+ employees.

May 25
How to speak with your kids about mass violence and trauma

Cleo is here to support parents and caregivers as they work through their own and their family’s emotional needs. Parents may need support processing their feelings and talking to their children about recent events.

Case Study
May 24
Marwa & Mustapha’s Cleo story: Family comes first

When other support systems fell short, Cleo pulled them back from the edge and provided the reliable, compassionate support they needed to feel healthy and whole.

May 5
Cleo acquires CareTribe to support all working families, adding expert support for all caregivers including adult care and special needs

Cleo’s entry into the adult care space makes it the first family benefits platform to support every stage of caregiving—from those considering parenthood all the way through to those caring for adult and senior loved ones.

May 1
Summer reading for benefits leaders and savvy managers

Director of Content Christine Carter shares a few of her top picks for investing in your professional and personal growth this summer—in between the beach reads of course.